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   Senior Well-Being


Pro Action cares about improving self-sufficiency and quality of life for local individuals and families. We're sensitive to the unique needs of those over the age of 60, and have assembled a range of programs with this age group in mind. Yates County Office for Aging, administered by Pro Action, offers an array of programs and services designed to support the wellness, safety, care and independence of people aged 60 and over.

For a complete directory of services offered by the Yates County Office for Aging, please click here.

A truly comprehensive resource for residents in this age group, Yates Office for Aging (OFA) provides everything from information and referral, to life-saving communications devices, to social opportunities, to caregiver support and coordination. In addition, senior nutrition programs are offered in both Yates and Steuben counties. You can learn more about these programs in the Nutrition section of this Web site. In Steuben County, Pro Action also offers the Bone Builders program for older residents wishing to improve their bone health. 




"As I live alone I tend to isolate but now have people who care about me and my life." 
           Pro Action Senior Programs participant. 

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