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   Resilient Children & Families


Pro Action is committed to helping people and changing lives. Programs in the Resilient Children and Families domain use a two-generation approach to set the stage for child and family advancement. Children’s programs cultivate settings that foster growth and learning, while family programs support families as they set goals, discover and use their personal strengths, and reinforce relationships.

Pro Action is rooted in the spirit of hope, and our workers are trained to see the best in everyone and to help them advance themselves from the basis of their strengths. If you use a service at Pro Action, you can be sure that we will share responsibility with you for the goals you decide to work on …everybody has a role to play.   An array of services support families in reaching their goals in learning, earning, parenting, relationships and more. 

In addition, when you connect with Pro Action programs, you are getting access to a whole network of partners who we work with -- either directly or through the Family Enrichment Collaborative to build the community we envision. These partners include county agencies, Family Resource Centers, funders, other nonprofits, and community groups. 



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