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Employment Support

Getting a job is a big step toward self-sufficiency but the out-of pocket expenses people face just to go to work can be high.  These include transportation, professional clothing or gear, child care, and licensing fees, to name a few. Especially when a job is new or low-paying, these expenses can eat up a lot of paycheck. Pro Action is here to support people through the transition, when the costs of working are highest.

Wheels for Work
Wheels for Work helps people establish a consistent, reliable way to get to and from work each day so they can get or keep a job. What's more, program recipients can keep more of their earnings instead of shelling out their hard-earned cash to pay for informal rides or a taxi service. The Wheels for Work program can provide auto repair vouchers to keep vehicles in a safe, operating condition. Eligibility requirements apply. For more information about the eligibility requirements, please contact the program at: 607-776-2125 ext. 154.

Child Care 
Child Care Aware®, a Pro Action program, provides information and referral to parents seeking child care. Visit their web site for more information: Through Child Care Aware, child care fee assistance is available for some eligible families. Learn more.



Wheels for Work
Repairs Only in Steuben County
Program Contact:
607-776-2125 x154 or
1-800-553-2033 x 154 

Child Care Aware ®
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