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Home Energy Assistance Program

Everybody deserves to have shelter and warmth, especially during the coldest months of the year. But when household earnings are low, families often must choose between heating their home and meeting other necessities, like buying food or medications. A choice to forego any of these basic needs compromises the family's safety and health. With HEAP, families can get some relief, and preserve limited cash for meeting their other needs. HEAP is a federally funded program that provides resources to help pay a portion of a household's annual energy bills. HEAP also provides emergency assistance for households in a heat-related energy emergency. Additionally, HEAP assists with furnace repairs and/or replacements for households with inoperable heating equipment. HEAP may help eligible households to pay for Electricity, Propane, Natural Gas, Wood, Oil, Kerosene, Coal, or any other heating fuel. Please note that Pro Action in Steuben County is considered an alternate certifier and only accepts applications. The Department of Social Services processes the applications for eligibility and payment to the vendor.


Eligibility Requirements: Household income at or below 60% of State median income level.

General information:

Steuben County Department of Social Services:
(607) 664-2500

Steuben County Office for the Aging:
(607) 664-2298

Steuben County Pro Action:
(607) 776-2125

Yates County Department of Social Services:
(315) 536-5183

Pro Action in Yates County:
(315) 536-5515